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Photoshopped Celebrities

I was skimming the internet this morning, (while drinking my coffee and watching the Comcast guy waste time flicking through channels trying to get my on demand to work), when I came across some photos of Photoshopped celebrities. Now, I don’t know about you, but I feel seriously bad for any little girl who looks at these thinking, this is how she is supposed to look. No wonder so many girls have body issues these days. The women they are looking up to are SERIOUSLY Photoshopped.

Here, We see Jessica Alba. Looking Sickly thin in the right photo. They shaved her sides down to make her waist look tiny! (she looks like shes wearing a corset and someone stood on her back to pull the strings tight) They smoothed out the front of her pants to the point that it doesn’t look natural, slimmed her thighs, took her hips away, and darkened every crevice on her body to make her look skinny with larger breasts. She looks SO un-natural.

Kim Kardashian, Is known for being thick! Regardless, they thinned down her waist and smoothed out her legs and arms.

Madonna, I hate to say it, is way past her prime. She looks like an 80 year old woman who works and a diner with a tracheotomy. But, they used Photoshop to smooth out her face and chest to the point that she looks like a wax figure. I mean, no one really believes she looks like that do they?! She looks plastic. Like she cant move her face. And then there’s women sitting on their couches or standing in line at the supermarket hating themselves because they’re  50 too and don’t look like a plastic figurine. If only they saw how she really looked they’d be turning those shopping isle’s into runways! Dont move your face Madonna, it may break! Stay       just       like     that.

Demi Moore, Ew. Need I say more. This photo was a huge controversy, because of the piece of her hip that they shaved off. She looks like an anorexic alien. That is all i got to say about that.

Mariah Carey, Someone who I never liked so my synopsis may be a little biased. But….um can you say ORANGE?! As in orange you glad she’s been Photoshopped?! My goodness, she looks nothing like they “shopped” version. They tanned her, smoothed her belly, chest, face, all the above.

Wow! That was gross. But, its what the magazines think we want to see. Maybe, if women didn’t see images like this they wouldn’t get a chance to aspire to anything. Aspire to something they will never be able to obtain. It stimulates the community to be honest. Because they all go out there, buying make-up and surgery and clothing and self tanner to look like these people who don’t exists.



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