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What I’ve Learned about Google AdWords.

(Hi Dad)

Okay, so last night I did some reading up on Google AdWords. Trying to learn IN PLAIN ENGLISH, what they are, and how you may benefit from them.

First and Foremost, the initial question that comes to mind is what IS it?! And the answer is this… Pay-Per-Click. Google AdWords, is a pay per click program RUN by Google. What this means is you, said company, will be appearing in the Sponsored Listings column in a Google search. So, as opposed to appearing in the “Natural Listings“, (the listings that appear and are earned through relevance and weeks and weeks of trial and error over which words work/which keywords suit your company).You can PAY and instantly appear in the listings of your choice.

Now, I know what you are thinking, this sounds expensive. And it does. But, thankfully, Google though of that. (I KNOW! smart right!?) Google says, you only have to pay when someone clicks on your link, hence the term, PAY PER CLICK. Now, the price varies depending on the industry you are in and the amount of competition for your specific keywords but, that also has been considered and AdWords, allows you to set a daily budget. When you set your budget say at $10.00/day this now means that you will never spend more than $300.00/month on your AdWords Campaign. Also, you can always go in and change the budget once you set it. But, if your budget is too low you will not receive many clicks.

Choosing your keywords; is a critical step in your AdWords campaign. A keyword is a word or phrase for which you wish to have this particular ad shown. Now, it is suggested that you created an ad for each service/product and only use keywords specific to your service/product. In other words, don’t use the keyword: “Facebook”. Just to attract all the Facebook traffic, if your product/service had nothing to do with Facebook. Now, to choose keywords you have a few options;

  • Enter specific phrases
  • Find Related Keywords by using the search facility
  • Scan Google’s suggested categories based on a scan of your website.
  • (I also suggest checking out the competition! See what has been working for them)

Writing the perfect Ad: A successful campaign lies in the hands of your selection of keywords and the creation of an effective advert. The main thing people are looking for when they select/decide to click on an ad is: relevance. Relevance is they most important thing to Google. Because if your site isn’t relevant to your keywords, well than you have nothing.  Again, do not be tempted to create just one ad for all of your keywords as it will not be as efficient of cost effective.                                                                 Things to ensure is in your ad:

  • Does not use your company name in the title
  • Includes your keywords
  • Mentions a benefit
  • Capitalizes on important words
  • DO NOT: include telephone numbers in your ad; is its sole purpose is for people to click on it.




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