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What Creative Advertisements are Saying!

Above, is a cheeky ad for a Divorce Lawyer. I have seen so many creative ideas lately for Divorce Lawyer, but this one is my favorite so far. This is a photo of  a married couple pasted on the doors of an elevator. And like the tearing of a photograph, When the doors open, the couple is separated and inside the elevator there is a sign on the wall advertising the Divorce Lawyers Firm. Brilliant! A very literal way to say, “hey look, this is what I do!”

Windex: Above is an ad for Windex on a bus alcove. It depicts a stream of spray coming from a Windex bottle, everywhere the Windex is spraying, you can see through the alcove and onto the street behind it. Everywhere the Windex is now, the alcove is blurry and unable to be seen through. This here, is a very clever way to say, “this is what our product does!”

Above is another clever use of the opening and closing of elevator doors. Advertising a Healthcare facility that specializes in hair-loss. While the doors are closed, we see a man looking up at his hair. As the doors open, you see the man watching his hair disappear. When the doors are fully open he his bald and we read an advertisement for the healthcare facility. This ad primarily is directed towards men and the inevitable fear of loosing their hair. And this ad says to them, “Don’t be afraid, we will stop your hair from falling out!”



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