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A1 American Metal (Web Site Design)

http://www.a1americanmetal.com Advertisements

What Creative Advertisements are Saying!

Above, is a cheeky ad for a Divorce Lawyer. I have seen so many creative ideas lately for Divorce Lawyer, but this one is my favorite so far. This is a photo of  a married couple pasted on the doors of an elevator. And like the tearing of a photograph, When the doors open, the … Continue reading

What I’ve Learned about Google AdWords.

(Hi Dad) Okay, so last night I did some reading up on Google AdWords. Trying to learn IN PLAIN ENGLISH, what they are, and how you may benefit from them. First and Foremost, the initial question that comes to mind is what IS it?! And the answer is this… Pay-Per-Click. Google AdWords, is a pay … Continue reading

Photoshopped Celebrities

I was skimming the internet this morning, (while drinking my coffee and watching the Comcast guy waste time flicking through channels trying to get my on demand to work), when I came across some photos of Photoshopped celebrities. Now, I don’t know about you, but I feel seriously bad for any little girl who looks … Continue reading

Conceptual Logos; Logo Inspiration

Core Cider; I love, love, this logo. It so obvious yet not something that would come first to your mind while designing a logo for a company called “core cider”. Perfect. Killed Productions; A clean and once again, obvious logo. (Yet not so obvious.) I love it. The “i” on its side representing something/one dead. … Continue reading

A1 Photos

A few photos I took at my boyfriends work over the weekend.

Old Portfolio/Artwork

I was going through my hard drive the other day and I found some of my old things from school; To the left, is a photo of my tattoo while I was getting it done. Below, is some photos I took at an abandoned factory. At the time, I had a Nikon D50 with a … Continue reading

Minimalist Logos

Good Article Showing Minimalist Common Logos as Art

50 Critical Questions About Your Website

50 Critical Questions About Your Website: Can you tell someone how to get to your site without having to spell anything? Are the URLs human-readable or are they full of special characters and dynamically-generated gobbledygook? Do you have an About page? Can visitors tell what your site is about without visiting your About page? Is … Continue reading

Bussiness Card Inspiration

Business Card Inspriation

Flickr Photos